THE WORD IS OUT aims to take ACQUAINTANCE with Scripture to the next step: ENGAGEMENT with Scripture. Our program is geared in different levels both to pastors and laity. Our approach is to aid people’s understanding of the text by means of a contextual, inductive methodology in order to achieve biblical literacy. We show folk ways of comprehending the mind of the biblical writers in the way they express their messages. It is exciting to witness participants come to a level of understanding which eluded them before. TWIO has been responsible for introducing this approach to studying the Bible at various institutions around the world.

The Word is Out can conduct a one-day or weekend seminar at your convenience to introduce your community to a method of Bible study that will enhance their Christian walk and help equip your teachers, youth workers and leaders to more fully teach and minister to others. This would be at no charge to the church. We would simply ask participants for a nominal fee to cover the cost of providing them with the Study Guides for the seminar. We would be responsible for our own travel and accommodation expenses. We simply want to show God’s people both how to engage more fully with Scripture and how that can impact the global community of faith.

Some of the courses we offer for church seminars include:

  • How the World Began
    [study of the Book of Genesis]
  • Journey to Freedom
    [study of the Exodus & the Promise]
  • The Quest for the Meaning of Life
    [study of the Wisdom Books]
  • What Do We Really Know About Jesus?
    [study of the Gospel of Mark]
  • What Is Jesus Doing Now?
    [study of the Book of Acts]
  • What Christians Believe
    [study of the Book of Romans]
  • Unravelling the Mystery of End Times
    [study of the Book of Revelation]

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