Joe Mills was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles.  He attended UCLA where he received a BS in Engineering and an MS and PhD in Nuclear Engineering, completing his education there in 1972.

Joe’s professional career spanned 33 years, first with Rockwell International which later became part of the Boeing Company.  Dr. Mills’ most rewarding assignment was working on the International Space Station (ISS) where over 10 years he assumed increasing management positions eventually becoming Vice-Program and Program Manager for the entire Boeing ISS Program.  This was a 10+ Billion $ Contract involving thousands of Boeing employees at 4 sites across the country, and managing over 100+ suppliers and contractors in 37 states across the country.  This team, working with NASA, produced a highly successful, astronaut-occupied Space Station that is still orbiting the earth today.  His many commendations include: (1) Pioneer Award, Black Engineer of the Year in 2004; (2) the Rotary NASA Stellar Award for Late Career Achievement in 2003; and (3) Aviation’s Week 2002 Laureate of the Year Award.  Dr. Mills was also featured in the June 2004 issue of Ebony magazine as one of several “Black Men on the Cutting Edge.”

Joe retired in 2005 and has spent the significant fraction of his time involved in The Word is Out (TWIO) ministry, serving in many capacities including performing the treasurer functions and being the long time Chairman of Whitestone Ministries, the 501-3c non-profit organization that oversees TWIO.  Joe was raised in the Episcopal church, and recommitted his life to Christ in 1985 when he joined the Canoga Park Presbyterian Church, serving many terms as an Elder.  In 2005, Joe became a member at  Church For the Nations (CFTN) who continues to be a key financial contributor to and ministry partner with TWIO.

Joe is currently living with his wife of 37 years, Gail, in Toluca Lake, CA.  They have four children and seven grandchildren.

Why Joe is passionate about The Word IS Out

“I have been excited to be part of the The Word Is Out ministry since the beginning.   The rapid growth of Christianity within Africa has created a tremendous need to provide an immense number of emerging pastors with training to better understand the Bible given their lack of time and finances to attend a seminary.  The Word Is Out is addressing this need on two fronts: (1) conference level teaching of hermeneutic basics to properly interpret the Scriptures to 1000s of new African pastors; and (2) creating the first of hopefully many Centers for Biblical Understanding (CBU) in Zambia where pastors have the opportunity to receive more in depth training in hermeneutics over several weeks.  The CBU is led by Sam Leal who is first graduate champion of a The Word Is Out partnership with Asbury Theological Seminary where talented and committed individuals spend two years in the US to receive a Masters of Divinity degree before returning to their homeland to head a CBU.  I have visited Africa and watched and listened to hundreds of pastors that expressed significant appreciation and joy for The Word Is Out better equipping them to shepherd their church flocks.  Yes, we at The Word Is Out are already and continuing to make a truly real difference for God’s kingdom!!”

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